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Game Pass

How does it work?

For just € 6.95 a month, and no obligations, you can access the whole catalogue of casual games at exceptional prices and all the extra benefits...

Earn 1 token every month
Every month, you can earn and collect tokens:
  • 1 token= 1 Standard Version Game
  • 2 tokens= 1 Collector Version Game
30% minimum off all games
Automatically get a 30% discount on the entire relaxation game catalogue
One free token! Receive an extra token every 6 months
Sign up free with no obligations
Subscribe in just a few clicks, and no obligations. Unsubscribe easily online 24/7 from your game account

How can I get this offer?

  • 1 - Add the Game Pass to your basket
  • 2 - Complete your order. Your Game Pass is now activated!
  • 3 - You can now benefit from a 30% discount on the whole Casual Game catalogue!