Gnomes Garden Lost King Collector's Edition

    Gnomes Garden Lost King Collector's Edition
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Gnomes Garden Lost King Collector's Edition

The princess of our fairytale kingdom grew up and got married long ago. But one day, her beloved husband went hunting and didn't come back. He disappeared with his whole retinue.
Where did he go?
Go on an adventure through a world of secrets and mystical creatures in this exciting casual fantasy strategy game, Gnomes Garden: The Lost King.
Settlers in trouble? Farm stopped bearing fruit? Puppies asking for too much food? Tribes suffering from a troll invasion? Play Caesar and use careful resource management and an unusual approach to help everyone!
A bunch of quests, over 40 levels in four unique worlds - all this awaits you right now. Restore ancient buildings, collect magical harvests, carefully distribute resources. All this is the key to success. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial will allow you to easily grasp the game's basics. If you get in a tough spot, don't forget about the princess's mighty magic!
In this Collector's Edition:
  • An unusual magical world. Always keep in touch with the help of ancient dovecotes.
  • An uplifting plot, colorful comics and memorable characters!
  • A multitude of varied quests that the princess has never encountered before.
  • New trophies.
  • Over 40 unique levels.
  • Treacherous enemies: cave trolls, angry hornets and... sheep..
  • A variety of locations and seasons: autumn, a beach, a desert and a swamp.
  • Useful bonuses: speed up work, stop time and run fast.
  • Simple controls and a helpful tutorial.
  • Over 35 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.
  • Pleasant themed music.


Required configuration

  • OS : Windows XP SP2 /Windows 7/Mac OS 10.5-10.7
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 35 MB