Atlantic Quest 3
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Atlantic Quest 3

Heroes on a maritime mission! After several adventures the queen grants her true heroes a piece of ocean floo r near Buenos Fishos. There our smart clownfish Clowny, migh ty Sharky, explosive Crabby and nimble Octo build th eir very own little town under the sea. As is happens, they don' t have enough pearls to afford the digs of their dre ams. But, surely, true rescuers of the oceans will find a way to st rike it rich!

And maritime rescuers have never been as important as today: Oil spills threaten the deep sea pa radise, sick fish need your help and our heroes will have to face many more challenges up ahead. Countless missions await in this all-new big deep sea adv enture! Exciting Match 3 action and many challenging puzzles are waiting for you in the depths of the ocean .

Every level you complete will net you and your friends more pearls. The better you are, the more pearls you g et. Help Clowny and friends making the deep sea town of their dreams a reality and build a casino, fisherman's hut, c ocktail bar, research lab, dojo, beach apartments and much more .

Atlantic Quest 3

  • Very funny dialogues
  • Help our heroes create a town on their land (19 bu ildings including fisherman's hut, farm, casino, cocktail bar etc.)
  • Research and create new helpful power-ups
  • Full HD graphics, hand-drawn by renowned artist Mari e Beschorner
  • Hidden object and casino mini games for even more va riety
  • Free sick fish, remove oil spills, clean the water, ex tinguish lava tiles and break massive chains to make further progress
  • Accessible for newcomers and challenging for Match 3 pr os. - Approx. 80 levels

Required configuration

  • Operating system Win 95/98/2000/XP/ME/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor speed 1,6 GHz
  • RAM 512
  • Hard drive space 150
  • Video Card 256