Origins: Elders of Time
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BlooBuzz Studios

Origins: Elders of Time

Search for clues that will allow you to move closer to your goal. Explore carefully various mysterious places and try to solve the puzzles you will meet along the way. Complete the Hidden Object scenes, collect the items that you may need and challenge your logic with a variety of stimulating puzzles.

Unlock the old secrets of the White family by unveiling William's disappearance. Go on an adventure with Lisa and help her to find her father in a place where anything can happen... After many years of relentless research, William goes on an expedition with his brother James in search of a secret island. It has now been more than 20 years since James is back alone from this journey we know nothing about...

At that time clues will emerge arousing Lisa's curiosity regarding her father's obscure fate and his all-consuming passion for this island. Search a multimillionaire's manor, board an airship and explore enigmatic places. Find all kinds of items that you may need for your quest and solve numerous puzzles on your way in order to succeed in Origins: Elders of Time.

Origins: Elders of Time

  • Help Lisa find her father and search for a mysterious island
  • Complete Hidden-Object Scenes through the most challenging 6 acts!
  • Uncover an unexpected secret
  • Collect items that you may need
  • Challenge your logic with a variety of stimulating puzzles.

Required configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP-7-8
  • Processor speed 1.6 Ghz
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Hard drive space 1.6 GB