Danger Next Door: A Miss Teri Tale Adventure
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Ouat Entertainment

Danger Next Door: A Miss Teri Tale Adventure

Miss Teri Tale, a successful novelist, solved the mysterious enigma of Jason's dognapping and won the municipal elections of Peeking Town. Now it's up to her to find the killer of her neighbor and good friend, Monty.

With the help of Sheriff Allen, she follows the trail the killer left behind, questioning her neighbors and searching through their memories! She soon uncovers essential clues that will lead her to the guilty culprit...

Rediscover all the wonderful characters of the Miss Teri Tale series in this new installment filled with all new levels and venues!

You are Miss Teri Tale and it's up to you to lead an investigation in Peeking Town! Sift through the memories of the village inhabitants, solve puzzles and collect the clues that will lead you to the assassin... Miss Teri Tale: Danger Next Door is a one of a kind crime adventure filled with unbelievable twists and turns guaranteeing hours of exciting game play!

Danger Next Door: A Miss Teri Tale Adventure

  • More than 60 animated levels
  • Incredible graphic design
  • A rich world that melds dreams, memories and reality
  • Original mini-games and puzzles that require observation and deduction

Required configuration

  • Windows XP / Vista / Mac OS X
  • CPU: 1 Ghz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard drive space (uncompressed): 300 MB
  • Graphic card: /
  • Sound card: / DirectX
  • Version: DirectX8