Jigsaw Puzzle Beach Season 2

    Jigsaw Puzzle Beach Season 2
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Jigsaw Puzzle Beach Season 2

Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Seaosn 2 is a fun puzzle game with 500 photos, each an idea of how to have a fantastic time this summer. Assemble a jigsaw from a multitude of pieces, and take a virtual tour around the best resorts of the world.

Get inspired by wonderful beach stories and plan your journey alongside Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season 2 Set a difficulty to suit you for each puzzle - choose the number of pieces, their grade and turn function! Save your progress at any time! Simple controls and plenty of hints and tools make the game a joy to play.

This game is suitable for both new players and true professionals in the logic puzzle genre Enjoy premium-class luxury hotels, spa procedures, beautiful views, exotic flora and fauna, incredible cuisine, romantic adventures... Visit the isles of Hawaii, Bali, the Maldives, Seychelles and the Caribbean...

Admire truly heavenly views in Greece, Mexico, Spain, France and Italy... Give yourself the holiday of your dreams in Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season 2!

Jigsaw Puzzle Beach Season 2

  • 500 high quality unique images
  • Well designed game-play: useful hints, sort tool and magnifying glass.
  • Optional game difficulty control makes your gameplay infinite
  • Custom styles of pieces with rotation
  • Save game progress and continue to collect the puzzle at any time *Pleasant and relaxing music
  • 2 in 1: have fun playing and plan your summer holidays all at once!
  • Get 500 puzzles for one purchase. It is beneficial!

Required configuration

  • Windows® 7, XP SP 2
  • Processor speed Pentium® IV 1 GHz
  • RAM 512 GB(Windows 7 or Vista), 512 MB for XP
  • Hard drive space 35 Mb
  • Video Card Integrated
  • Sound Card Recommended
  • Additional Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768