Tiny Worlds
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Tiny Worlds

When one sheep jumps off a cliff, it's almost certain that the rest of the flock will follow! Based on this unfortunate principle, the developers of Tiny Worlds have had the bright idea of changing the player into a shepherd. In the guise of a shepherd's crook, you can move a small group of arrows upwards, downwards or to the left or right. Place them under the footsteps of your sheep and they will follow... like sheep! So it's up to you to position these directional arrows in the right places in each mini-labyrinth so that your ruminants avoid all forms of danger: wolves, chasms, etc. You will have time to tear your hair out as you try to find a solution in 250 game boards! Time? That's tricky; an hourglass is turning and will only serve to complicate matters! Tiny Worlds will rekindle the flame for players who enjoyed Lemmings, and will light it up for beginners!

Tiny Worlds

  • 5 game levels of increasing difficulty
  • 5 breeds of flocks or shoals to shepherd (sheep, fish, birds, etc.)
  • 3 difficulty levels

Required configuration

  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • P2 300 MHz
  • RAM 128 Mb
  • 19.42 Mb free disk space
  • 3D Graphics card 16 Mb
  • DirectX 8.0