Mevo and the Grooveriders
Casual Games
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Freeze Tag Inc

Mevo and the Grooveriders

MEVO, the game's main character, has to reunite his band, The Grooveriders, and bring 'FUNK' back to the universe. To move MEVO through the game's five fantastic worlds, players must tap 2 keys to the rhythm of the game's music, as it gets played and shown in the game.

All tracks are original, produced in-house with live musicians, and feature a unique and playful retro-funky style that varies from organic to electronic tracks.

In MEVO's quest to reunite his band, bring back 'FUNK', and defeat the enemy SILENCE, players must successfully progress through five beautifully crafted worlds (Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space and Wormhole), finding avatars along the way that will help our reluctant hero unlock other levels and reach certain scores.

Mevo and the Grooveriders

  • Five beautifully crafted worlds (Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space and Wormhole) to explore
  • Unlock 45 GRUV Rewards across 15 levels
  • Collect 24 avatars with over 400 unique combinations
  • Unlock 24 dance packs
  • Listen to 17 unique songs

Required configuration

  • Vista and XP Processor speed: 1.33 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 500 MB or more
  • Hard drive space (uncompressed): 80 MB
  • Graphics Card: standard on board or higher
  • Sound Card: standard
  • DirectX version: 8.1 or higher